Sandwich Preparers

Sandwich Preparers must be 18 years of age or older.


Sandwich Preparer Duties:

1. Arrive 9:00 a.m. at school.  Check in with Greeter and Kitchen Leader.

2. Wash hands and put on apron, hairnet, and gloves (provided by SLB).

3. Receive daily number information and assignment from Kitchen Leader.

4. Prepare sandwiches, cut in half, and bag sandwiches.

5. If assigned, count sandwiches for each route and place in appropriately marked

delivery containers (boxes or large bags) and store in refrigerator if required.

6. If assigned, count cheese sticks for each route and place in appropriately marked

zip-lock bags and store in refrigerator.

7. If assigned, wash and dry fresh fruit (depending on availability of fruit) and provide

to Sorters for placement in bags.

8. Clean up sandwich preparation stations and wash all utensils.


Note:  At least one Sandwich Preparer is needed to remain on-site to assist the Kitchen Leader with loading food in coolers for delivery on routes.