Extra Driver Duties

The KG Summer Lunch Bunch Extra Driver is responsible for delivering lunches to

the driver and rider when they run out of lunches while on their delivery route

Extra Driver Expectations:

1. Must have a valid operatorʼs license at all times while on delivery and have auto insurance.

2. Delivery vehicle must be in good working order and have air conditioning and room for coolers (up to 2).

3. Must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate.

Extra Driver Duties:

1. Arrive at the school at the designated time; please note the arrival time on the volunteer online SignUp Genius. Check in with greeter and driver contact. Make sure the driver contact has your mobile phone number.

2. Remain at the school while the drivers and riders are delivering their lunches. Periodically check in with the driver contact to see if there has been any communication between the driver contact and any of the drivers or riders.

3. If the driver contact receives a request for additional lunches, the driver contact will coordinate the details of the delivery with the driver and will communicate this information with the extra driver. Make sure you have a mobile phone no. for either the driver or rider that you will be delivering the lunches to.

4. When the kitchen leader says that the boxes containing the lunch bags and the coolers containing the sandwiches are ready, load them into your vehicle and depart the school to meet the driver and rider at the delivery location.

5. After delivering the lunches, return to the school with any empty boxes, coolers, or plastic containers.

6. Check in with the driver contact to see if any other calls for additional lunches have been received.