Extended Sandwich Preparer

Must be 18 years of age or older and follow SLB food safety protocol.

KG Summer Lunch Bunch Extended Sandwich Preparer is responsible for preparing additional sandwiches for delivery routes as needed, receiving and unloading delivery route coolers, helping count returned sandwiches/bags, helping prepare returned sandwiches for refrigeration (if they are to be held for the next delivery day), and helping with the final clean up of the kitchen.

Extended Sandwich Preparer Duties:

Arrive 11:00 a.m. at the school.    Check in with Greeter and sign the Volunteer Record Book.

Check in with Kitchen Leader.

When a call is received from a Route Driver/Rider requesting additional sandwiches:

1. Wash hands, put on apron, hairnet and gloves (provided by SLB).

2. Follow instructions from Kitchen Manager regarding number and type of sandwiches needed.

3. Prepare sandwiches and place each sandwich in a sandwich bag.

4. Place bagged sandwiches in the appropriately marked (either PB&J or Turkey/Cheese) large ziplock bag or box for transport to the requesting delivery route.

When the routes are completed and the coolers are returned:

1. Unload coolers (returned sandwiches, boxes, bags and frozen ice bottles).

2. Wipe out returned coolers and the inside of PB&J delivery bags.

3. Place frozen ice bottles in storage coolers (storage coolers will go in walk-in freezer).

4. Store PB&J delivery bags, Turkey/Cheese delivery boxes and coolers.

5. Assist with counting and recording returned sandwiches and lunch bags.

6. Assist with preparing returned sandwiches for refrigeration (Tuesday only).

 End of Day:

Assist with final clean up of kitchen (sandwich preparation stations, utensil washing, trash disposal and sweeping).