Extended Sandwich Preparer

KG Summer Lunch Bunch Extended Sandwich Preparer is responsible for preparing additional sandwiches and providing cheese sticks and fruit (if available)  for delivery routes as needed, receiving back of delivery route coolers, storing necessary items, and helping to clean up the kitchen.


Note:  Must be 18 years of age or older and attend our food safety training.


Extended Sandwich Preparer Duties:

Arrive 11:00 am at school.   Check in with greeter and Kitchen Leader.

When a call for additional sandwiches is received:

1.  Wash hands, put on apron, hairnet and gloves (provided by SLB).

2. Prepare sandwiches, cut each sandwich in half, and place each sandwich in a sandwich baggie.

3. Place sandwiches in appropriately marked large baggie (PB&J and/or Turkey/Cheese).

4.  Count out additional cheese sticks needed and place in a baggie.

5. If available, count out additional fruit and provide to Sorters for placement in paper bags.

6. Sandwiches and cheese sticks are made available to person transporting additional request to appropriate delivery route.


When coolers are received back:

1. Determine if any sandwiches, cheese stick, or fruit (if available) were returned.  Keep track of number of PB&J and/or turkey/cheese sandwiches returned.

2. If not Thursday:   store sandwiches in refrigerator keeping PB&J sandwiches and turkey/cheese sandwiches in separate area of refrigerator.

3. Store returned cheese sticks and fruit (if available) in refrigerator.

4. Wipe out coolers and PB&J delivery route bags.

5. Store delivery route bags, delivery route boxes, ice containers, and coolers.


End of Day:

1. Clean up sandwich preparation stations and wash all utensils.

2. Help with final cleanup of kitchen including sweeping, wet mopping, and trash disposal.