Driver and Rider Duties

The KG Summer Lunch Bunch Driver and Rider are responsible for delivering

lunches and books to the children at the designated delivery sites and times.

Driver Expectations:

1. Must have a valid operator’s license at all times while on delivery and have auto insurance.

2. Delivery vehicle must be in good working order and have air conditioning and room for coolers (up to 2).

3. Delivery vehicle must display the Summer Lunch Bunch magnet at each delivery stop. It

is requested that the magnet not be affixed to the vehicle until reaching each stop, because

the magnet may come off the vehicle while in transit.


Driver and Rider Expectations:

1. Ensure that the safety of the children is the top priority at all times while on delivery.

2. Wear an orange vest or tee shirt and a name tag at all times while on delivery.

3. Deliver lunches only at the stops designated in the binder for their route, unless

otherwise directed by the Driver Contact or Driver Coordinator.

4. Must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate.


Driver and Rider Duties:

1. Arrive at the school at the time designated for your route; please note the arrival time on the volunteer online SignUp Genius. Check in with the Greeter and Driver Contact. Make sure the Driver Contact has the mobile phone number for the driver or rider.

2. Get the Summer Lunch Bunch magnet for the delivery vehicle, orange vests or tee shirts

(one for driver and one for each rider), name tags, and the binder for your route. Find a

blank tally sheet in the binder and record the current date and the names of the driver and

rider(s) at the top of the tally sheet.

3. Locate the boxes containing the lunch bags and the plastic tubs containing the books for your route, and load them into the delivery vehicle.

4. No sooner than 5 minutes before the departure time designated for your route, get the cooler(s) for your route from the kitchen staff and load into the delivery vehicle.

5. Depart for the 1st stop at the designated time for your route. It is important not to leave early because the temperature of the coolers will not stay in the “safe zone” indefinitely.

6. Deliver lunches and books to children at each designated stop. There is a limit of one lunch per child, and a child must be present to receive a lunch.

7. At each stop, record the following information on the tally sheet in the binder:

No. of children receiving a lunch

Comments/issues, if any

8. If it appears that you will run out of lunches before delivering to all stops, estimate the no. of lunches needed, including how many PB&J and how many turkey/cheese sandwiches, and call the Driver Contact to request preparation of additional lunches. The Driver Contact will coordinate delivery of the additional lunches to you.

9. If it appears that you will have a surplus of lunches after delivering to all stops, call the Driver Contact to see if there is another route nearby that needs additional lunches.