Driver Contact Duties

The KG Summer Lunch Bunch Driver Contact is the point of contact for the drivers and riders while they are delivering the lunches

Driver Contact Duties:

1. Arrive at the school at the designated time; please note the arrival time on the volunteer online SignUp Genius. Check in with greeter.

2. Look over the list of volunteers for the day and make sure there is a driver and at least one rider for each route. If a route needs a driver or rider, look at the other routes to see if there is an extra rider who might be willing to fill the vacancy. If an extra rider is not available, consult with the floor leader to see if another volunteer might be able to fill the vacancy.

3. Make sure that the binder for each delivery route has your mobile phone no. written where it is readily accessible.

4. Check in with the greeter periodically and verify that drivers and riders are arriving and checking in. Get a mobile phone no. for each driver/rider team.

5. Remain at the school while the drivers and riders are delivering their lunches. Keep your mobile phone handy.

6. If you receive a request for additional lunches from a driver or rider, ask how many lunches are needed and how many PB&J and turkey/cheese sandwiches are needed. Coordinate the location of the delivery with the driver and communicate this information with the extra driver. Tell the kitchen leader how many lunches and sandwiches are needed.

7. Continue to monitor your phone until all drivers/riders have either returned to the school or called to verify that their deliveries have been completed.