Sorter Duties

KG Summer Lunch Bunch Sorter is responsible for preparing the non-perishable portion of the lunches being delivered

Sorter Duties:

1. Arrive 9:00 am at school. Check in with greeter and floor leader.

2. Check board for number of lunches needed for each route.

3.Needed for each lunch:

Brown bag

Juice box

Fruit (usually applesauce cup or raisin box)

Cereal Bar


Printed bible verse page

4.For each route:

Open brown bags and count that you have the correct number for the route Insert juice box first (as it is the heaviest item)

Add fruit, then

Add cereal bar, then

Add napkin and bible verse page, finally

Roll top of brown bag down so it closes tightly.

5. Locate boxes for each route. They should be labelled with route names. Add loaded brown bags into the correct boxes, recounting as you put them into the box(es) to reassure yourself that the correct number of brown bags have been prepared.

6. Locate book boxes for each route. They are plastic tubs holding books to be distributed with lunches. Each tub will be labelled with route names. Place each book box near the box of brown bags for each route.

7. Locate driver/rider for each route and show them where the lunches and books are located for their particular route. Drivers will need to get coolers with sandwiches from the kitchen staff also. They leave with:

a. Box of loaded brown bags

b. Box of books

c. Coolers with sandwiches

8. The floor leader and driver contact will help make sure there are drivers and riders for each route. The kitchen leader will make sure the sandwiches are ready on time. Sorter should be responsible for making sure the brown bags (non-perishable portion of the lunch) is ready. Route start times will be defined for you.

9. If you have questions see the floor leader.